Of Gods and Science

On the long walk home, my mind wanders. With the rythmic roar of the traffic, my mind went to religion.

Specificly the case of is religion still has a place in the modern world. Thousands of years ago, humans did’nt know why their crops died, why did the floods come? They had no other idea other than a supieror force was playing with their lives. So religion was born to give people the reasons for these events. Its Human nature to have reasons. And that nature led to science explaining more and more of these events, eroding the grip religion had on the population.

This is why the religious institutions where hell bent on dismissing science as heresy, trying to destroy all scientific research and generally being repressive as possible. But Human nature always wins. People grew to live with both religion and science. But science was always there, gradually explaining all lifes mysteries.

Is religion defunct? No, its not. It gives people a sense of worth, community, identity and continuation, even after death. Long after science explains the last mysteries of the universe, people will need the other comforts religion brings. Be it Muslamic, Christianity or Buddism or any other religion, it will never pass. It will wain and grow, but religion will always be with us. For good or for worse.

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