I was browsing around Photocamel earlier and came across a thread (

The poster placed an image that he had used a diorama style shot. Which, to be honest really does not work overly well with the subject. Some people critiqued this, and gave their thoughts on the image. In post 6, he rather sternly rebukes the comments made in earlier posts

Having been a photographer for 30+ years, I would like to think that I am fairly well versed in the do’s and don’ts with regards to f-stop, aperture and composition.


FWIW, it’s bad form to critique a photograph without asking first,. This is especially true in a public forum and where there are certain artistic liberties at play that one may, or may not understand.

Now I take an interest in the thread. All postings to Social sites, be they forums, flickr, private websites etc are open to public critique. You have to expect that when posting in full public view. What would art be if people did not discuss it? It would be dull and boring.

I pointed this out in my post (Post 11)

I disagree. People are free to express an opinion, critique it if they wish. You consent to that by making it public display.

You dont have to ask. people will always critique. How boring would the art world be, if no one critiqued? Art Should, and always will promote discussion. Whether the artist wants it or not.

To which he posts rather a childish reply. He offers to go to the website I’ve linked in my signature and critique some of the photos on my website.

Truth be told, I’d love him to. To learn what others think, what the images say to them is what I crave. It makes me think, gives me ideas to improve on photography. And I fully accept that others will view my photography, discuss it, think about it. Is that not the purpose of all art? To promote discussion, thought and critique?

Would Monet’s work be what it is today without people discussing it? I think not.

I’ll repeat one last time:

Art Should, and always will promote discussion. Whether the artist wants it or not.

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