Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in Harrogate was a disappointing affair to say the least.

Last year, the Police, Fire Brigade and Menwith Hill workers along with several other groups.

This year, the Police claimed that there where not enough Officers with Marching experience to take part. Which, to be honest is a rather unbelievable excuse. One lone police officer made up their contingent. (As reported by the Yorkshre Post here)

The only groups to show where:

  1. Sea Cadets
  2. Air force Cadets
  3. Army Foundation College (Who have also cut back on the events they attend)
Which to my mind is a pathetic turnout.
I’m currently working through the images I took. It was a foggy day and it played hell with my cameras metering system, many shots overexposed, and by the time I worked it out, it was too late to retake many images. The net result is that I need to over edit many of the shots. (Cabridge in Colour has a great article here on how to take shots in fog)
Only other issues I have are that of composition. I really have to slow down, way to many shots where various parts of people are cut off, and people half in the frame. I really kick myself when I review the shots at home.
I’ll see whats worth posting later on.

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