Its unusual for me to go to Leeds, I try and avoid the place if at all possible. But this time, I had to go, as I had an appointment with a Recruitment agent. So I thought sod it, I’ll take my camera and have a Wander while I am there.

I dislike Leeds. I don’t find much opportunity for photography, that might be just not looking for them, or it may be the fact that I just want to get out the city center as soon as possible. I wandered up the Headrow, and snapped a image of the War Memorial, and the Town hall. I walked back down to town, intending to go to Boar lane, to photograph one of the many Bar Flies out for a smoke.

I walked through the new Trinity Shopping centre, and was almost immediately¬† accosted by their security. “Cant take photos here mate”. I wasn’t, I was just walking through. Fair enough, its Private property and they have the right to ask me not to take photos. Security followed me from one end of the centre to the exit on Boar lane. Just no need.

I them walked up Victorian Quarter and took a few images of the charity chuggers up there. Again, they where not pleased, but heh, your on a public road. One of them started to get a little uppity with me explaining the rules, and I called it quits and walked off. The heat was starting to really get to me now, the buses and taxis buzzing around spraying fumes all over. People really do exist in their own little bubble in cities, head down, walk to destination, ignore everything. Which gives some very boring street images.

I went to the Meeting (Which as normal with Agents is a waste of time), and then called it quits, back to the railway station, and on the first train out. I came out with three images on my D7000. None of which I think I will keep.

I hate Leeds.



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