So I was sat here the other day, looking through the statistics on my ride and noticed how much further and faster I’m going.

On one segment, I posted my second ever fastest time,  yet have no recollection of trying, was just moving along at a nice speed. When I started, it was an effort to get better times. Hell, it was an effort to just get up an incline. Now I’m just watching them fall, and eating up the hills. Often not even noticing an incline. Nothing too steep though, just the hills around Harrogate. It might not be impressive to some, but to me it means I am improving, and getting better.

c2bc8715490f5926cf95a4fa37b62bd9I’m not ashamed to say it, but I was (and still am) overweight, unfit and generally a lazy arse. Cycling has changed that. 492 miles I’ve logged, probably more as a lot wasn’t logged, in its self is an achievement to me. I can only hope, and want to double that next year. One of the most noticeable metrics that I have, is the Cadence, or how many revolutions I’m doing on the pedals. It used to be low, often a few revs then stop and coast before going again. Now, it is a case of keep pedaling and shut up legs. The legs don’t hurt as quickly as they used too, and a quick use of the gears often helps to quiet down the shouty legs syndrome…

I feel better, I look better and most of all, really enjoying it. Cycling gets into the blood, becomes a part of life. It’s weird but in a good way. What ever your feeling goes on the bike replaced with a sense of freedom. It’s a simple pleasure that’s hard to place into words. Get a bike go and experience it.

Someone once said to me,  it never gets easier you just get faster, and that is so true.

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