Riding in Traffic

I find myself enjoying riding in traffic. As those cars are sat there, waiting to move, I can be zipping past, on my way just filtering through.

It does however require attention, more attention than if you were driving. You have to anticipate peoples moves, the space they leave, and work out your surroundings, and the road every few seconds. Then you get the occasional idiot driver, who does not leave room, passes you too close or tailgates. It can be quite unnerving to have it happen, but it does happen.

Several hundred videos on YouTube showing it happen. Speaking of which, the riders that post some of these videos, are shall we say, a little militant. The Worst being SonOfTheWindINC, showing drivers a red or yellow card for their driving, while filming them with more GoPro Cameras than humanly needed. One Video shows him chasing down the road, after another cyclist who hit a woman, horn blaring and shouting before attempting, and failing, to perform a citizen’s arrest. Its Cringeworthy.

Other YouTube posters often seem to go out of their way to court aggravation, admittedly after the misdeed of the driver, but still aggravate the situation.

Myself, if I catch something, I let it go and then post it on YouTube if needed as a warning to others, or a lesson to be learnt. Never would I chase down the driver and confront them. I dunno, I’m not into “reasoning” with idiots because reason doesn’t work on the terminally stupid.
I’m not going to waste time trying to educate the mentally under-developed.

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