The Steed


This is my steed. It’s carried me in comfort for a good few miles.

It’s only issue is a noisy rear wheel when wet. I’ve not yet managed to work out why.. But its not a major issue.

I’ve added quite a few bits over the months.

Two bottle cages
New tyres.
Bar end plugs after the origionals fell out
Garmin mount
K-Edge gopro mounts (Saddle and HandleBar)

The biggest add I did was fit the mudguards. It was a hassle to fit, but eventually they went on, and what a difference they make when riding in the wet. Gone has the wet arse feeling and dirty clothes. Easily the better addition.

The tyres I changed to are Schwalbe Lugano  They are a cheaper tyre, but I have nothing but praise for them. They have lasted miles, not a single puncture. They have grip in all weathers (apart from sheet ice) and I have confidence in the just whatever I throw them Into.
I did also buy a set of continental Gatorskins, in a wider set, but found them to give a really harsh ride. They also fouled on the mudguards. Now I just ride the legano on lower pressure if very wet.

All in all, the bike has served me well, and I’m sure it will continue to do so, until I can afford a step up..

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