That was a fun ride.

Associated Ride:

The Ride I went on the other day before work, was a slightly damp one. I arrived at Ripley, in the cold Sunshine. It was a lovely day. Then, on the cycle path back, it poured down. But I enjoyed it. Cruising along the quiet path, all on my tod, the bike gliding along. The jacket I had on, kept me nice and dry. But the rain coming through the holes in my helmet was a pain..
Never Mind the rain though, I pushed on, and completed a 13.5 mile circuit to work. The only downside to this ride, was a dumb arsed Mercedes Driver, who thought getting stupidly close, and sounding his horn was a good idea. When he stopped at the traffic lights, I took pleasure in articulating my anger through his window, and thats not like me. But when idiots like that put my life in danger, how is one supposed to react?

Shame I never had the cameras on my bike for this ride really. I would of liked to of seen that back, just how close he came to my rear tyre.

But despite that, it was a good ride, and according to Strava, I gained a personal best time, a second best, a third best and a couple of 2015 KOMS, which I never expect to hold for long…And also a 3:39 improvement on my best 20 km, which is now 1:10:08. So all in all, a good ride…

But, my thoughts and sympathy with the cyclist, and his/her family that was critically injured on the same day in Harrogate.

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