Not always bad

Most of the videos you see floating about, show the terrible driving, and often the downright dangerous. However, the majority of my rides, the drivers are good, giving room, and being considerate. Like this Tuffnells delivery driver.

No crowding, no pushing, just sits back and waits for a safe overtake, and when it does, passes with plenty of room.

And credit where’s credits due, Tuffnells got an email with a link to the video to thank the driver.

Favourite Hills Part 1

So I thought I’d do a little bit about my favourite downhill sections on some routes.

First up, Clint Bank. This steep downhill, just going into Hampswaite is an excellent downhill. It has a couple of twists to keep your wits active. The first turn is a tight right-hander, and however strong the urge, don’t cut the corner. Its a busy road at times. Now onto the straight. Power down, accelerate and hit the final tight left hander.