Longer Routes

So recently I have been trying not to ride less than 20 miles per ride. Its worked well so far. I can normally get to about 25 miles before fatigue becomes an issue, and its just a case of getting myself over that hill.

One of my new favourite long routes is along to Wetherby, the road is an interesting road, and really not to busy with most people taking the main road. On this route though, it really did hit hard on the way back. Having not had anything to eat for the day, my energy had dropped to 0, and I was running on empty all the way back. Really not a nice feeling.

So the moral of this story is always ensure your ready for a longer ride, and be prepared for the inevitable loss of average time if your not 🙂

I hit back in Harrogate, almost in the rush hour, and it never ceases to amaze me, that people are taking so long to drive the length of Skipton Road. They all complain about traffic, well, no, they cant complain about traffic, when they are traffic. I ride by on my bike, and get the whole road done in half the time. More people should realise, that the Traffic situation, is entirely of their own making, and they could, quite possibly cure, or in the very least help alleviate it, by doing their short journeys on foot, or bike.

Take this video for instance. The Range Rover that passes me, at the very top of Skipton Road, I beat all the way, and I took the long route round. He passes me just at the end of the Video, as I rejoin Skipton Road.

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