To Strava, or not to Strava

I’ve been a loyal user of strava for years. But I’ve been thinking recently of dumping my premium subscription. Why? 

Well, in all honesty, it just no longer fits my use requirements. I’ve never really used the segments, other than beating my own times. I’m not interested in bragging rights or KOMS. One of strava’s issues is that there will always people out there who will game the system to get the bragging rights. The leaderboard is knackered due to this.

Garmin recently brought segments to many GPS units. I used to use it, but due to a bug with the garmin firmware and the inability to set a default target it fell out of favour.

So what else is out there? Well, there are a few logging sites. None of them have the same pull as strava, but my current usage is Training Peaks and 

Training peaks is arguably the grand father of them all. With no limits to the way you can view data, and the sheer amount you can do, it is the greatest at seeing your performance improve. But it can be a massive data overload. 

Ridewithgps is simple, but powerful. With support for ride tagging, gear management and maintenance logs. It’s recently started to gear itself more toward clubs, but it’s still a great choice for lone riders who arnt looking for a social aspect, although it does offer that, but so far has failed to pick up the type of following strava enjoys. 

And that’s what strava has going, the social aspect. It’s simply unmatched in that regard. And that’s why I’ll continue to keep a strava account, but not a premium. It just has no benefit for me. 

Rusty Rust

So, I’ve ridden my bike through all weathers, rain, hail, snow and sun. But I never expected to see the amount of corrosion on a freewheel body.

I had originally just planned on cleaning the cassette, but the last block would not come off the freehub. It took some serious effort to remove. When it was off, the scene was like a martian landscape, red lumpy rust all over the freehub. A quick scrape got some of it off, and cleaning out the filth inside the body got it looking a little more respectable.

After the ritual cleaning of the hub, I regreased the lot using the excellent Crystal Grease which is the thickest most waterproof grease I had, and reassembled it.  I’d never had to grease the splines on a freehub body before, but this time I put a thin layer on the splines just to try to keep the rust away.

Hopefully that should be enough to keep the dreaded corrosion away until I swap my wheels back onto my more expensive pair.

Next up on the after winter season is changing the cables, and bar tape. Changing the cables is going to be a nightmare, as I also need to remove the tension nuts, which I’m pretty sure have seized in the threads. But thats another worry for another day 🙂

Have fun out there.

Been quite awhile

It’s been sometime since I updated my blog, but I’m still here, alive and kicking.

Back in October, my beloved felt was stolen out of the garage. I know, I’m partly to blame for not securing it, but the loss hit me hard. Loved that bike for what it was. A workhorse.

But anyway, it all worked out well with the replacement. 

I’ll try doing more posts, and make them interesting 🙂