Rusty Rust

So, I’ve ridden my bike through all weathers, rain, hail, snow and sun. But I never expected to see the amount of corrosion on a freewheel body.

I had originally just planned on cleaning the cassette, but the last block would not come off the freehub. It took some serious effort to remove. When it was off, the scene was like a martian landscape, red lumpy rust all over the freehub. A quick scrape got some of it off, and cleaning out the filth inside the body got it looking a little more respectable.

After the ritual cleaning of the hub, I regreased the lot using the excellent Crystal Grease which is the thickest most waterproof grease I had, and reassembled it.  I’d never had to grease the splines on a freehub body before, but this time I put a thin layer on the splines just to try to keep the rust away.

Hopefully that should be enough to keep the dreaded corrosion away until I swap my wheels back onto my more expensive pair.

Next up on the after winter season is changing the cables, and bar tape. Changing the cables is going to be a nightmare, as I also need to remove the tension nuts, which I’m pretty sure have seized in the threads. But thats another worry for another day 🙂

Have fun out there.

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