Hills. Pfft 

I suck at hills. Always have. But I’m determined to get this route done in a better time. 


Its not steep, it’s not difficult. But the length of the hill just gets me every time. It didn’t help that I had a 12-25 cassette on the back for this ride, but a bad workman blames his tools. It certainly wasn’t impossible, but noticeable.

Next time I’m up here, I’m using a 11-28 and see if it’s any better. And of course, losing some weight 🙂


Strava. What happened? 

In a spectacular fashion, strava has changed its news feed. Now, instead of chronological, it’s based on an algorithm where it decides what you want to see. And understanably, people are pissed. 

In the feedback thread at strava, there is not a single positive post. In fact all the posts are vocally against this. I’ve already pretty much decided not to renew my subscription, this will proboly make me not even look at the feed. 

They said it’s been a year in the design of this, in that year they could of been working on fixes for the feed the community has been crying out for, like filtering the useless junk out of the feed. But no, they seem intent on pushing forward with this. 

I don’t think strava are bothered by the vocal masses. I think they are now looking at a new revenue stream, and that is sponsored rides, and advertising in people’s streams. They are trying to become the Facebook of the activity trackers. There fore not really fussed about people not renewing. 

Could this mean strava goes to a free to use model? Possibly. 

One things for sure, the non chronological feed just dos’nt work. And I’m glad of ridewithgps.com right about now. Sure it dos’nt have the social aspect strava has, but I’ve long since grown out of needing kudos, or beating Joe blogs segment time. The only person I need to beat now, is me. 

More Maintenance headaches. 

Been quite a maintenance heavy week. I decided to change the cassette and chain, and after changing out the chain there was a terrible metallic scraping noise from the front derailleur.

I could not see where it was scraping on the derailleur, so I changed the cabling, reset the derailleur. Still the scraping. Looking at the inner chainring, there was a slight deformity to some of the teeth. Nothing major, but it was enough to keep hold of the chain on each rotation.

So, decided to replace the inner ring, as it had done nearly 3k, but finding one was harder than I thought. These things where rarer than hens teeth, Everyone was out of stock. However chain reaction sent an email the next day, they had four in Stock that day. I grabbed one while they had them, they where all sold by the end of the day…

Dismantled the drive chain, full clean and fitted the ring. All good. Bolts snugged down and ready to go.

Bike rides silently again. Back to the pleasures of silent running!

But getting used to a 12-25 cassette again..