Struck down 

it’s been a beautiful couple of days. But the cold virus has laid me low for them unfortunately. 

Started with that all too common scratchy throat and annoying cough. Quickly identified the person most likely to of spread it, called him an utter cockwomble and buckled down for the ride. That night brought headaches, harsh coughing and extreme fatigue. No way in hell could I of rode. It was a beautiful day, and being on the late shift I’d had the opportunity to ride, but it was a no go. 

Work wasn’t fun to say the least, but when is it? Plugged on. By the time I woke up, some 10 hours later I was feeling better, now it’s just down to a slight cough and sore throat. It’s gone pretty much as soon as it started. So hopefully after work tomorrow, I might try and get a quick easy 8 miles easy ride. 

Standard tips for dealing with a cold

  1. Vitamin C. There is a whole other debate if this works or not, but it’s always had an effect with me. Scoff down those oranges and kiwifruit. 
  2. Sleep. Don’t be afraid to stay in bed. Sleep gives your body time to address the issue.
  3. Fluids. Drink water. Drink loads of water. Your body will use it to flush out the mucus and other shit. 

    If you decide to ride, take it easy. Pay zero attention to your heart rate which will show high, as your fighting the bug. In fact, pay no attention to any metric, you won’t be operating at your best, so don’t try and push it. Just enjoy being on your bike, like all those years ago where it was all about the love of riding.. 🙂 

    During my mandated rest period, I did find this rather entertaining blog which goes into detail about cyclists and cold, and is worth a flick through the posts. 

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