Silly Point scoring..

I recently read on one of the cycling websites, a little game that can be used to liven up rides, but would be a great way to give the commute some spice.

In general, you award yourself points for burning off certain categories of riders, or traffic.

Generally, the food chain looks like this, with scooters being the ultimate challenge and electric bikes the lowest.

  • Scooters
  • Roadies with shaved legs*
  • Proper rapid singlespeeds (hard men and women, messengers, tarty shiny fixies)*
  • Roadies with hairy legs*
  • Faux singlespeeds (fakengers, dirty/functional bikes, silly spinny little gears)*
  • Touring bikes (mudguards)*
  • Fast hybrids*
  • MTBs on skinnies*
  • MTBs on knobblies
  • Bromptons/collapsing bikes
  • MTB full-sus on knobblies
  • Shoppers
  • Shoppers with wicker baskets
  • Electric bikes

*Pedal adjustment factor: Flats: +1. Toe Clips: 0. Clipless/SPDs: -1

  • 6 essential rules
  • No dangerous manoeuvres. Don’t be a danger to others or yourself. Falling off causes pain to you and others around you, and you lose your points!
  • Don’t ride like a dick/vulva, we’re all just trying to get somewhere!
  • No passing at lights, junction, crossings, etc.
  • All passing on open roads only.
  • Filtering in traffic is null and void (you’ll know deep down if you’ve dropped someone fairly, turning off immediately afterwards is cheating)
  • Pavement passes – either you or the target is void
  • Show no pain – unless your face is just like that

So that’s just a little game you can play to liven things up. Let me know in the comments if you have any thing you do to entertain your self on the bike.

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