Caps and headwear

I’ve not really worn a proper cycling cap on my rides. When it’s been cold, I’ve been known to wear a beanie, or my favourite item of clothing, a buff when out. The cycling cap, made popular by the riders of the late 80’s and 90’s, now seen worn by trendy hipsters, has a veritable place in the world of cycling.

But for some bizarre reason, I recently decided on impulse to purchase a couple of caps. So, adding to my collection of cycling apparel, we will see just how useful a cap will be. I can see the peak helping in that horrible driving wind driven rain I often find myself in, as well as the low sun, and as someone who is challenged in the head covering, avoiding that dreaded badgers head look of suntan through the vents.

I’ve ridden now with a cap on a couple of rides, and can honestly say, it isn’t for me. My kask helmet makes a difficult option to have the peak up, and the helmet itself, doesn’t feel right over a cap. With the peak down, my view forward is seriously hampered.

They do however work ok on the single speed, where I can get some serious cred as a hipster..

In all honesty, they just don’t work for me, and my option of choice for those hot rides, will continue to be my extensive buff collection.

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