Back on the bike

It’s been a while since my shoulder dislocation, and high time I got back on the bike.

So I strung up the single speed for a little maintenance. First up the whole drive chain needed a little care and attention, full strip and rebuild, then headset regressed and checked. I’ve ridden a few times down to work, and it’s a three mile ride each way. The bike worked fine, I however felt the effects of a good few months off the bike. All in, it felt good to be back on the bike.

Next up was my main road bike, which has sat idle for far too long. A full service on my work horse saw it back in action. This weekend will see its first outing for some time, I think the last time it was ridden was October of last year. Once everything was greased and oiled, everything span as normal.

It’s high time I started back out. Working further from home has certainly seen my motivation drop off, as I’m so tired most weekends. We shall see this weekend what the weather has in store, hopefully not to hot or windy. Looks like I am just back on the bike in enough time for the latest drama to hit recreational cycling, Grant Shapps and his insanity suggesting a registration scheme, and insurance for cycles, the idea has been tried many many times, and failed each one of them.

The cost would be highly prohibitive, and having just sacked over twenty thousand civil servants, good luck staffing it, it would cost far more to administer than you would ever get back.

I’m not entirely sure why he has started up with this, maybe to deflect something away to the sidelines, maybe he is just insane. Who knows, but the current climate, this is doing nothing but stoke the fires of the daily mail brigade and making the roads yet more hostile.

It just all stinks of a minister desperately trying to appeal to his gammons, trying to stay relevant as his job will soon be up for grabs. Or, like I say a diversion tactic for something that is soon to be said or done. Who knows. The sooner this lot of buffoons are out of power the better in all honesty.

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