Ice Ice baby!

It was cold this morning, there were warnings for ice. Did I pay any attention? Nope. Non at all. And I learnt the hard way to watch the road.

I tried to control the skid, over corrected and bamn, a slide right down the road. Watching the video back, I can clearly see the ice, but it could of just been a damp patch on the road. Ah well, I know better for next time 🙂

See the ride here..

A quick ride to Ripley

So I decided on a quick trip to Ripley, for two reasons, that were to test the new Mudguards, and the new camera system.

What I failed to realise, is that Ripley Christmas Market was on, and it was hell busy in Ripley. I spent most of the time in Ripley, shouting for peds to move over, non of them heard me first or second times, and it took some real effort to make them move!

However watching the video back, I was surprised at the great driving displayed by the Drivers on Skipton Road. Gave me plenty of space, and waited for overtaking until safe. I’ve had my share of bad drivers on the road, but this was a nice ride.