For ages I’ve struggled with weight. I’ve been 260lbs for most of my adult life, with the occasional dip to below 250.

Well, it’s time to change that. My problem is, and always has been that I love food. I can’t help but dip into the biscuits or cake box. However that is to change. 

No more extreme snacking, more fruit. 

I’m already more active than most, with a very busy on your feet all day job walking on average 8 miles a day, and Cycling a minimum of 8 miles on my bike. So shedding the weight through activity isn’t an issue, it’s purely one of diet. 

So here go’s. 

Disgusting driving

This was recently posted on Twitter, and shows just how idiotic some peoples driving can be. 

This particular cockwomble needs to be charged, at the very least with dangerous driving. 

The company named on the van has apologised on twitter, but then immeadiatly deleted their account. 

Struck down 

it’s been a beautiful couple of days. But the cold virus has laid me low for them unfortunately. 

Started with that all too common scratchy throat and annoying cough. Quickly identified the person most likely to of spread it, called him an utter cockwomble and buckled down for the ride. That night brought headaches, harsh coughing and extreme fatigue. No way in hell could I of rode. It was a beautiful day, and being on the late shift I’d had the opportunity to ride, but it was a no go. 

Work wasn’t fun to say the least, but when is it? Plugged on. By the time I woke up, some 10 hours later I was feeling better, now it’s just down to a slight cough and sore throat. It’s gone pretty much as soon as it started. So hopefully after work tomorrow, I might try and get a quick easy 8 miles easy ride. 

Standard tips for dealing with a cold

  1. Vitamin C. There is a whole other debate if this works or not, but it’s always had an effect with me. Scoff down those oranges and kiwifruit. 
  2. Sleep. Don’t be afraid to stay in bed. Sleep gives your body time to address the issue.
  3. Fluids. Drink water. Drink loads of water. Your body will use it to flush out the mucus and other shit. 

    If you decide to ride, take it easy. Pay zero attention to your heart rate which will show high, as your fighting the bug. In fact, pay no attention to any metric, you won’t be operating at your best, so don’t try and push it. Just enjoy being on your bike, like all those years ago where it was all about the love of riding.. 🙂 

    During my mandated rest period, I did find this rather entertaining blog which goes into detail about cyclists and cold, and is worth a flick through the posts. 

    More Strava drama

    So, the strava blog recently made another post, this time outline something they are calling “Athlete Posts”. I noticed, after the endless negative posts the non chronological feed post got, they have not allowed comments on this post. Just proves they will be going forward with their plans, regardless of their user base. 

    A few select “Athletes” can now post to their timeline other things than activities. So, essentially turning it into a sport blogging site. In essence, this will mean that an advertiser can now be guaranteed a view number. It also means, to you and me, the cruft that shows up in your feed will increase. Dependent upon who you follow obviously. 

    Today’s ride out

    Just a short ride today. My motivation of late has been lacking.

    I thought the Cycle path may of been busy, with it being a bank holiday, and the Bilton Gala, at least on the way out.

    On the way to Ripley, I was overtaken by a guy on a trek bike that was making an awful noise. His drive chain was grinding away sounding like it was about to implode at any moment.

    Following him for awhile, half expecting to be showered in pieces of rear derailleur detritus, I managed to set a new PB on a segment, achieving a time of 4:50.

    On the way back, my front derailleur again refused to move up into the large ring, losing me a chunk of time, and something to sort out when I get back home.

    I decided again to heft it up a short climb at the end of the cycle path, locally known as Gardners Hill, due to the pub at the bottom. When I was critically unfit this short hill would kill me, and I’d fail to even get a quarter of the way up it. But now, I can due it in under a minute. (Yes, it really is that short)

    Back on the cycle path at Starbeck I swore and cursed at my derailluer to get its act together and move into the big ring, it steadfastly refused to move the chain. So a brief stop to again change the cable tension got it back in. But now, that barrel adjuster had reached the limit of its acceptable travel, but at least I had a working big ring. So it was a small test ride down to the Nidd Viaduct, and by now, the path was so busy with people.

    And finally back home to sort out the issue with my front shifting. 

    Hills. Pfft 

    I suck at hills. Always have. But I’m determined to get this route done in a better time. 


    Its not steep, it’s not difficult. But the length of the hill just gets me every time. It didn’t help that I had a 12-25 cassette on the back for this ride, but a bad workman blames his tools. It certainly wasn’t impossible, but noticeable.

    Next time I’m up here, I’m using a 11-28 and see if it’s any better. And of course, losing some weight 🙂