The power of the Tow

I’ve written before about the benefits of drafting, but as a solo rider, I barely get a chance to experience it, which makes it feel amazing when I do.

I was heading down Bilton Lane, and saw another rider well ahead. He was properly motoring along. It wasn’t until I caught him up that I noticed he was riding a single speed, which explained his speed along the flat.

But when I did eventually catch him, I felt the amount of power I was putting down decreased for the same speed. I was in practice being towed along.

You can see there, the power applied to catch him, and in the later stages the power goes down, with the occasional pedal rotation as I was being pulled.

I actually quite fancy building up a single speed of my own,but funds are a little lacking at the moment.

When I can afford it, I might buy a cheap track frameset and gradually build it up.


As I generally ride solo, I don’t get much chance to draft other riders to reap the benefits.

However, yesterday I did. A rider was going at a good pace down the cycle path, and there was little point in passing. So I stuck behind and took advantage of his hard work. And got a new PB for that section in the process.

I wasn’t that close to get the full benefit, but it was noticeable the less effort I was having to put in.