Panoramic shots

Trying out the panoramic feature of the DJI spark. Impressed, but not blown away by it.

I found it really easy Todo, with the drone doing all the hard work taking the images, a great mode for capturing the vista. However, I find myself unable to position the drone where I want, always seeming to stop short. Not a limit on the drone, but for some reason my brain always stops in that same position!

A tad breezy

A bit windy for drone work, but the little spark put up a good effort in battling the wind, even if it did kill the battery in short order.

One thing I seem to be having issues with, is the controls. I have it set to the default at the moment, which is mode 2. This means the left stick controls elevation and turning movement, the right stick controls yaw and forward/rear movement. My mind always seems to try and reverse this in my hands and find I use the wrong stick for the command. So maybe I’ll stick with it and try and retrain my mind, or just change it.

The only other thing is working out which way the drone is going to move. Based on the drones orientation, moving the stick may not yield the results you expect. So knowing the orientation of the drone is important, but working it out can be a bit of a headache.

Pied Wagtail

Pied WagtailI’m actually quite proud of this image. despite the fact it is bland and colourless, this little bird does not hang round for long. Its quick and nimble and changes direction on a whim.

He is hard enough to photograph, but to get them feeding, is a whole new level.

This is a photo, I am proud of.

Nikon D7000 300mm 1/640 f/5.6 ISO 250