Race For Life

Everyone Has Someone
12000 • f5.6 • 300.0 mm • ISO 400

Yesterday saw Cancer Research UK host the “Race For Life” event on the Stray in Harrogate. I went along to grab some photographs of the event. Virtually no one has never been touched by Cancer, and this is an important fund-raiser for the charity to continue their work.

The overwhelming colour in attendance was of course Pink, but people went out in many costumes, after being rallied by the resident Stray FM crew, the runners left at the stroke of 11am.

Everyone involved had been touched by cancer at some point, and not only was it for them, it was for everyone that supported and helped those people.

I set my camera in aperture priority mode, and set ISO to 400, as it was a fairly dull day. Which was pleasant as the last few

11250 • f5.6 • 70.0 mm • ISO 400

days here have been in the high 20’s. I only brought one lens with me, my 70-300mm. It’s not the best lens I have, it was in fact one of the first lens I bought when I had a D40. But it is a good lens, and has proved its worth.

I wanted to make sure that I had enough shutter speed to be able to completely freeze motion. Then it was a case of keeping my eyes open for shots.

I still need to think more when I am at events, of more than the main subject, its important to get shots that set the scene. You need shots of crowds, people cheering. Need to set the scene. Its something I nearly always forget.

I started the jostle for the start line, and got a few shots, then left there and went to the other side of the start line, in order to get people crossing the finish line.

1500 • f6.3 • 180.0 mm • ISO 400

After the runners finished the 11km course, the joggers and walkers started to trickle past. I walked up the course, sat on the grass and captured a few as they went past. I experimented using a flash, but gave that up after a while.

Then it was the long walk back home.

You can see more images as I upload them to my ipernity albums.