The week that was

So here’s the weekly stats. I beat the mileage and ride totals, however missing out on the time.

December 8th 2014 until  14th 64.6 miles total, 6 hours and 56 minutes

February 16th 2015 until 22nd 83.7 miles total in  7 hours 47 minutes.

Not to worry however, it’s all good.


JanuaryWell, thats January done and dusted. Only 18 rides, Just over 12 hours and 128 miles covered.

It could of been better, there where days where I could of ridden more, and days where I could of ridden but did’nt.

However, I have conquered a few goals in January, a few hills that used to scare me have been climbed, a new distance record set, and a general feeling of health improving, almost on a daily basis. And of course, my new favourite route to ride.

So it wasn’t all bad..

But I think my bike could do with a bit of TLC, so I’m going to book it into the excellent VeloHeads, and have it serviced.