Bloody Weather

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I don’t much mind riding in the rain, its a refreshing change. But it can be miserable as pleasurable. Large cars and trucks throwing filthy water in all directions, hidden holes in puddles and low visibility.

The Monsoon type weather we’ve been having here recently has rather dampened my riding. My chain is currently dry lubed, which means any long distance in much more than a light rain will see me squeak along the road, and a noisy bike to me at least, is incredibly irritating.

But ride I must, so its out with the overshoes, and long sleeved jerseys and off.

Wish me luck.

That was a fun ride.

Associated Ride:

The Ride I went on the other day before work, was a slightly damp one. I arrived at Ripley, in the cold Sunshine. It was a lovely day. Then, on the cycle path back, it poured down. But I enjoyed it. Cruising along the quiet path, all on my tod, the bike gliding along. The jacket I had on, kept me nice and dry. But the rain coming through the holes in my helmet was a pain..
Never Mind the rain though, I pushed on, and completed a 13.5 mile circuit to work. The only downside to this ride, was a dumb arsed Mercedes Driver, who thought getting stupidly close, and sounding his horn was a good idea. When he stopped at the traffic lights, I took pleasure in articulating my anger through his window, and thats not like me. But when idiots like that put my life in danger, how is one supposed to react?

Shame I never had the cameras on my bike for this ride really. I would of liked to of seen that back, just how close he came to my rear tyre.

But despite that, it was a good ride, and according to Strava, I gained a personal best time, a second best, a third best and a couple of 2015 KOMS, which I never expect to hold for long…And also a 3:39 improvement on my best 20 km, which is now 1:10:08. So all in all, a good ride…

But, my thoughts and sympathy with the cyclist, and his/her family that was critically injured on the same day in Harrogate.

Wet and Wild

I parked the car, and the first thing I thought was bloody hell. The wind was howling outside the car, which was rocking in the wind. The rain was hitting the side windows like little bullets.

I stepped out the car, and pulled my boots out, and my windproof. Changing into the boots on the far side of the car, out of the wind and rain, I considered my self nuts for going out in this. But I don’t care. I’m outside in the fresh air.

Walking along the path into the wind, my windproof doing its job and keeping the worst of the wind out, but the rain stinging my face, like sandpaper. It was 2 miles before the path became sheltered, and another half mile to the walkers shelter. I ploughed through, hating my self for forgetting my Lowe Alpine Mountain Cap.

In the warmth of the shelter I sat and watched the rain falling. During the summer, you cant really use these shelters due to swallows nesting in them, as evidenced by the nests in the eves, and the filth dropping from the timber roof frames where the fledglings sit. But for now they are a welcome respite from the wind and rain.I considered putting ion water proofs, but as my legs are already wet, and very mud splatted, I decided it was a dead idea. My windproof was also wet, but as it holds the warmth even when wet, I just decided to plod on. The rain had more or less stopped, it was very light rain if anything. Still noticeable but nothing as bad as before.

Leaving the shelter and walked round the back, and up the hill. Not a very steep hill, but enough to remind me of how unfit I am. I stopped at the top and tried to pin point the noise of  a shotgun, I saw a Land rover on the hill, but couldn’t see any other obvious movement of shooters. A tractor was busy spreading hay for the fell sheep on the other side of the valley.

I doubled back, the way I had come, along a higher path. After all, this was purely a effort to check my leg for pain and see how it stood up to a rough walk. As I approached the only gate on this path, a all terrain motorcycle roared up to the gate, saw me walking and turned around and sped off the same way he had come. This path was open to all vehicles, it was re-classified by the authority a few years back, but the motorcycles still occasionally use it. Personally I don’t care. The road can take the traffic, its heavy stoned, and motor bikes cause little damage. If they where to start ripping up areas off the path however, that’s when it becomes a issue.

I walked the road, finding new and interesting rounds around many of the stupidly deep huge puddles all over.

Scar House was thundering, the first time I’ve seen the dam outflows in full force, raging down the Nidd. As I walked back to the car, I passed a couple, dressed in full waterproofs, hoods up and zipped right up. They looked me up and down, and gave me a look reminiscent of upper class looking down on the commoner. I don’t care, apart from being damp, I was fine. Warm and comfy. Given the weather, I would hazard a guess, after climbing Cam High Road onto the fell, they would be damp too, only from the inside out. I sniggerd and walked on.

Back to the car, I sat and had a coffee. I enjoy every walk, in all weathers.