A jolly jaunt 

Set out on my bike for an easy spin, and it ended up slightly longer than I had planned. And with having nothing to eat before I went out, turned unpleasant for the last part.

Its one of my favourite routes, with some minor hills, but generally quite flat. From Ripley I headed out toward Brearton Lane, before going into Scotton with its fast sweeping bends.

Then comes that hill. Some call it minor, I call it a challenge. For me anyway. After that hill, time to recover on the long fast descent into Stavely. But watch that wind, it’s always in your face increasing the work your having todo. Hunker down and cut through it as best you can.

Through Stavely and onto Minskip Road. A long undulating road, but strangely fast. Next thing you know your crossing the A1 and into Boroughbridge, with its ever present aroma of cowshit.

Finally head out of Boroughbridge and into Roecliffe and its massive industrial area, but a lovely village. Following the road all the way to Bishop Monkton. A wonderful road to ride, but be careful as it is liable to extreme floods and it also gets very narrow toward Bishop Monkton. I looked down at my Garmin here, and noticed my power meter had died. I’ve had more issues with stages than anything else. So stopped, removed battery and reset the crank and it appears to be working again. Off I pedal through Monkton and toward Knaresborough. By this point I’m feeling really heavy legs, with hunger pangs rippling round my stomach. Knowing there’s another steep lump to climb I battle on wishing I had a banana in my pocket.

Through Knaresborough and the gauntlet of shitty drivers and zombie pedestrian idiots I make it onto the Beryl Burton Cycleway. No way in hell I can muster anything to get up the hill, so I get off and push the bike up. Finally close to home, there is only one long slope to climb before home.

Bilton Lane isn’t steep, it isn’t even difficult, my best time up it is 2:15,generally I do it in just over 3. But this time, with zero energy and a serious bonk going on, I plod up it at a very sedate 9mph against the ever present headwind.

Finally all downhill to home, bike back in the garage and food. And drink.

What a couple of Days

Over the last couple of days, I worked the late shift, so I decided to go for a couple of rides before work, and what a couple of rides they were.

trip-4024961-map-fullMonday, I did a simple 14 mile route around Harrogate, and according to Strava, gained over 14 personal bests, 2nd and 3rd best times. Along with a couple of This years bests, and top tens.

Some of the best times I had where on the cycle path to Ripley from Bilton. There was a cyclist in front of me, by quite some distance. My competitive edge came out and I just had to catch up. They were going at some serious pelt, and took me almost a mile to catch them up. So that rider improved my time over that segment by quite a margin.

So yeah, I was quite chuffed. Then I got to work and that good mood was quashed quite quickly, but thats a different story..

It was a cracking ride. Tuesday, I did the standard out to Ripley before work, and again gained a good handful of Personal bests and 3rd place times. I normally ride up in the hoods, as the layout of my bike means that this is the easiest way to reach brakes and gears. However I put myself into the drops, initially I never noticed the difference. But on the Viaduct to Bilton segment, I saw my speed was up at around 16-17 mph. Normally, in the hoods its around 13-15 mph for the same sort of effort. That small change in aerodynamics made a huge difference. When I went back up into the hoods for a while to see the difference, the speed dropped down to 14 mph, and back into the drops it went back up to 16 mph. full

Sunday, I did my new favourite course, and set a whole new level of bests. Over 10 miles, I improved by 1m 54s for a new time of 46m:52s, One hour 12.12 miles, 10 miles 46m:52s and 20 km 1h:02m:49s.

So all in all a good couple of days, and I think I’ve earned a rest day today, as my legs are grumbling a little.