Flickr replacement?

Might want to put a hat onThis heat has just been awful this week, and it looks as if it will continue into next week. Its been so bad I could not bring myself to go out with the camera.

With the resent changes to Flickr, I have been looking for a new photo host. 500px is fine and well, but it is only for the best photos that you take, and is infested with commenter’s that just leave “Nice shot, check mine out” crowd. Never any sense of community, no sense of people actually appreciating your work. Then I found ipernity.

ipernity is what flickr was. It is almost identical to that of Flickr before, and improves upon that. In recent weeks people have been flocking to it, looking for what they miss from Flickr.

There is a sense of community (Which is growing), and people actually leave decent feedback, and return the visits. I get more of a sense of that community, than I do at 500px. Flickr still has the community it always had, and that is always a good thing, but as many more people leave, it will wain.

There are some issues I have with ipernity, however the team there is commited to the platform, and I will stay and watch it grow. The community will improve over time, and lets face it, thats why we take these images, to share and show others. No one keeps all their images tucked away never to be seen. They deserve to be shown, and ipernity does just that.

So if you are looking for a replacement to Flickr, you can do no wrong than checking out ipernity.

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